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People often say that Outlinx is a cool idea, but they’re not quite sure how they’d use it in their personal life. Well we believe thepossibilities are kind of endless. It’s a bit like a person asking what a sticky note is used for - the answer is all sorts of things! Sticky notes are a great example of a simple product that is incredibly useful. We absolutely love it when people get creative with their uses for Outlinx. We wanted to provide you with some ideas and inspiration for how Outlinx can actually benefit your life in some seemingly simple ways. So we put our heads together and came up with a list of all the great ways we could think of for you to incorporate Outlinx into your own life. We organized these ideas into five main life categories: home, work, school, creativity, and entertainment. Take a look for yourself. We’re pretty sure at least a couple of these ideas will resonate with you.


Get your home organized, keep your life on track and spend more time doing the things you love.


Outlinx is ideal for smarter workplaces and our Smart Stickers can be used in many ways around the office.


QR Smart Stickers can be used for everything from schedules to homework and reading lists.


However you like expressing yourself, Outlinx is a tool creatives can use to make their lives a little easier.


Our QR stickers are great for collectors, gamers, readers, and movie buffs, Outlinx will can help keep you entertained.