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Whether you're a collector or a gamer; a reader or a movie buff, Outlinx will keep you entertained. Our Smart Stickers can be used to help you keep track of your Lego collection, with notes on your current inventory, sets you want, and even scans of instructions. Never lose track of that vintage doll collection that you've been growing for years. Create notes that include important information such as doll age, details, value, and type for every doll in your collection. Whatever you're collecting, Outlinx makes it easier to stay organized. You can also add comments and notifications on upcoming trade shows or links to specialist stores to buy or sell items. You don't have to be a physical item collector to use Outlinx stickers, either. If you're more of a statistic hoarder, you can use these stickers for every type of hobby, adding notes on supplies, statistics, and scores.

Spending forever browsing through Netflix shows when you just don't know what to watch? Make lists of shows and movies to watch, then place an Outlinx sticker on your remote for easy access. You can also add notes on books you're keen to read. Add a sticker to your tablet or e-reader, add links to purchase books online, and you'll find something to read with a quick scan.


Collecting is a highly rewarding hobby, whatever you collect. Some have a life-long for trains. Others have built an impressive Lego collection over the years. There are collectors who are all about cards and those who are die-hard Dungeons & Dragons fans. Whatever you collect, having a way to keep track of your collection is essential. You could do things the old school way, with paper lists or notepads. You could create frustrating spreadsheets that have to be manually updated. Or you could do things the smart way, using Outlinx QR stickers. Simply create a dedicated folder on the app for your collection, then add notes on inventory, instructions, technical details, and other information. Place a Smart Sticker on your display case and you'll have instant access to your notes when you scan the sticker.


Wondering what to watch next? Looking for a good book? You can use Outlinx to get ideas on what to watch and read. Add our Smart Stickers to your remote, tablet, or e-reader. Next, create folders or notes on movies, series, documentaries, novels, autobiographies, non-fiction, or anything else you're keen to try. You won't have to waste time scrolling through your book library trying to find something that captures your interest. You won't have to scroll through Netflix until bedtime when you can't find anything you want to watch. Instead, all you'll need to do is scan your Outlinx sticker to bring up your read and watch lists. Here's how you can find the content you want to enjoy with our QR stickers.


Finding the perfect gift for someone can be hit and miss. When someone asks you what you want for Christmas or your birthday, you may often draw a blank, with no ideas in mind. Other times, you may have a good idea of what you want. Letting people know, on the other hand, is a little awkward. When that happens, you may end up giving vague answers or telling people that you're not too fussed. Outlinx offers a simple way to create wishlists, using Smart Stickers and notes that have all the ideas you're too shy to share when people ask what you want. You can make lists to share with loved ones or you can get the family involved so that every family member gets to make a list. Whether it's small treats like favorite candy or that much-wanted Xbox, giving gets a whole lot easier with Outlinx.


Outlinx Smart Stickers are very useful for keeping track of race statistics, board game progress, challenges, goals, and other more technical info. From chess to racing games, you need to track your progress to beat your best. Keep a QR sticker on your chess set, intense board game, gaming console, or TV unit for instant access to all your stats. Create notes on game progress, best scores, challenges you've done and those you're keen to do, and any other info that helps you get strategic. Scan the sticker and your notes will come up in the app. You can then get down to playing armed with all the details you need to win. Here are some of the ways that Outlinx takes your games to a whole new level.