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Wondering what to watch next? Looking for a good book? You can use Outlinx to get ideas on what to watch and read. Add our Smart Stickers to your remote, tablet, or e-reader. Next, create folders or notes on movies, series, documentaries, novels, autobiographies, non-fiction, or anything else you're keen to try. You won't have to waste time scrolling through your book library trying to find something that captures your interest. You won't have to scroll through Netflix until bedtime when you can't find anything you want to watch. Instead, all you'll need to do is scan your Outlinx sticker to bring up your read and watch lists. Here's how you can find the content you want to enjoy with our QR stickers.

Say goodbye to remote battles.

If you live alone, you won't ever have to deal with remote battles. When you live with anyone else, it's often a different story. You may be lucky enough to live with someone who shares your love for Nordic noir or nature documentaries. Chances are more likely that you end up battling it out on what to watch. Spending your precious downtime arguing is never ideal. Rather than getting into heated debates, plan ahead with Outlinx. Make a list of things everyone wants to watch. Get all household members to comment or edit shared notes. Find something that you can all agree to enjoy, get the popcorn ready, and scan your Smart Sticker to bring up your list instantly.

Try something new.

Spending night after night watching the same series, even though it's boring you to death? Keen to try a new genre but not sure where to start? Ready to break out of your reading rut? Outlinx notes are great for getting inspired. Finding new things to watch or ready is not always as easy as simply browsing Netflix or Showmax or checking out the full list of book genres on the Kindle Store. With so many choices, it can get overwhelming. You may end up doing some searching online when you see new genres, books, or shows. But you might forget about suggestions by the time you've settled down to relax. Add notes, images, and comments as you find ideas, then scan your QR sticker on your tablet or remote to access them instantly.

Share shows and books.

Read something amazing recently? Share it with a friend and let them add comments when they've finished reading. Outlinx can be used for book club, too. You can create notes on books everyone is reading, which all book club members can edit and comment on. Get the discussion going in time for your next meet, and you'll have lots to talk about! You can also share movies, series, and documentaries you've enjoyed. If you have friends who complain about never having anything good to watch, share your movie list. They're sure to find something good on the list. They can add comments and you can get chatting about what you're watching. 


With Outlinx, it's easy to find and share ideas on what to read and watch. Download the app and get your sticker pack to get started.


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