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Hey! I’m Derek the creator of Outlinx. Here's a quick story about how Outlinx started. 5 or 6 years ago I wanted to learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee. I had a bunch of gear, I watched lots of YouTube videos, and made many cups of coffee. If you’ve ever really tried to brew a good cup of coffee at home then you know the details matter.

While having fun experimenting, I kept some notes in a notebook, and searched for other things on Google. I'm pretty organized, but I still found myself looking for my notes over and over again! One day I thought to myself “I wish I could just scan my coffee grinder and keep all the things I need to remember there.” That's when the idea of making QR codes that people could interact with using a mobile app popped into my head. 

At first I thought the concept was pretty silly and no one would actually want to use something like that. But I couldn't get the idea out of my head. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized there could be a lot of uses for something like this! After thinking about it for a couple years, I eventually decided I had to pursue it. I used money I saved up to fund my efforts. I started to build a product that would simply allow me to make digital note pages and link them to QR code stickers. I called it Outlinx, because they’re links to digital information out in the real world.


OUR VISION - The vision for Outlinx is to build products that enable you to connect the magic of the digital world to your surroundings in meaningful ways. One of the main motivations behind this product is that it’s unique and there’s no other product quite like it. So obviously we just had to build it for you!

GREAT VALUE - We work hard to ensure Outlinx is a great deal for our customers. It’s inexpensive and packed with features and value. And we’re constantly building and brainstorming more ways to boost our customers' lives.

WE THE PEOPLE - At Outlinx we believe in working with good people. Work can actually be enjoyable with the right goals, incentives, and leadership. All internal and external parties who engage with Outlinx are always treated with professional respect so we can all do our best work.

PRACTICAL TOOL - At it's core Outlinx is a simple and useful tool that offers a novel way to store things you want to remember and/or share with others. Of course we love future tech as much as the next guy, but we strongly believe the creative uses for existing proven technologies is constantly growing.

PRIVACY & CONTROL - Privacy and transparency are important to us. That’s why we continue to build advanced tools into Outlinx that give our users as much control over their information as possible.