Explore Ways to Use Outlinx

Outlinx QR Smart Stickers offer an unlimited number of ways to help you organize your physical world.  Maybe you need to keep digital sticky notes with reminders, instructions, or more information.  Or you need a simple way to share knowledge with other people and allow them to interact by making edits or leaving comments.  However you choose to use your Outlinx stickers, they are always easy to use, customize, and update on the go with the free app.  Flexible and versatile, you can tailor your Outlinx pages to suit your needs, whether simple or complex, or for your home, work, or having fun with your hobbies.

Here you can find some inspiration for different ways to use Outlinx stickers.  We could provide you with an endless list of ideas on how to use your QR stickers, but we also wanted to share the creative ways Outlinx customers are applying their QR stickers to their lives.  And this is only the beginning.  With so many options on how to use them, people are always thinking of fresh ways to use our stickers.  All you need is an idea, a surface for the sticker, and the app on your phone.

Put Outlinx on your storage bins to remember what things are inside.

Use Outlinx to remember how to use your coffee maker. Or to store your favorite coffee recipes.

Use Outlinx stickers on your suitcase to create digital luggage tags.

AirBnB host? Stick an Outlinx sticker on the laundry machines to share use instructions with your guests.

Stick an Outlinx sticker on your books to remember the things that resonated with you.

Scan Outlinx stickers to remind yourself what you put in your moving boxes.

Put a sticker on your refrigerator to share a grocery shopping list with your family or roommates.

Slap an Outlinx sticker on your video game console to remember what games you've downloaded.

Put an Outlinx sticker on your skis or snowboard to jot down some highlights from the season.


While we’re passionate about Outlinx and could list countless ideas for how you can use digital notes to stay organized, we also wanted to show you the various ways people have used their stickers out in the wild.

We often get messages from our customers about how much they’ve loved using Outlinx for their different‌ ‌‌needs.  And, as we all know, sometimes words aren’t enough to capture everything.  Some of our fans even send snapshots of how they’re using our QR Smart Stickers, whether indoors, outdoors, for fun, for work, and more.  Don’t just take our word for it.  We wanted to share some of these great pics with you, too.

We’re always excited to see how people are using their QR stickers, and we hope these bring you some inspiration as well.  Got a stellar idea for how you want to use your stickers?  Keep reading below to learn how you can send in some of your own Outlinx shots to be featured on our website or Instagram page.

"Outlinx has been an awesome tool to organize my home office storage bins"

"I put a sticker on my Brita water pitcher to remember when I last replaced the filter"

"I put an Outlinx sticker on my Nespresso machine to remember my favorite coffee pod flavors"

We’ve shown you some of our own ideas for using Outlinx and pics of some of the creative ways our happy customers and fans use their QR stickers.  Want to be a part of the Outlinx community and share your great ideas with others?  Send your photos to showing us how you use your stickers.  If we feature your image on our website or Instagram account, we’ll send you a free sticker pack as a thank you.  We always love hearing from our customers and seeing the novel ways they’re using Outlinx to help them stay organized, store notes, and save time with the quick snap of a QR sticker.