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Level-up your organizing toolkit. With our versatile Smart Stickers you can connect digital notes to real objects easily.

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A great solution for marking boxes when you move, remembering what’s in those storage bins in your garage, organizing your tools cabinet, etc. Think of it as your iPhone X-Ray vision.


Save time and money on re-printing instructions. Use a sticker to tell your AirBnB guests how to use the laundry machine, or to remind your employees how to use the printer, and more. 

Digital Notes

Track and take notes for yourself or to share with others. Connect digital notes to real world objects. Any of your thoughts can be shared, commented on and chatted about with your friends & family.

Get Creative

We have created a new way for you to organize and communicate, by giving you the ability to use objects as a medium to share your thoughts and experiences. Supercharge your possessions!

Stick & Scan

Stick Outlinx QR labels on any object. Scan a label with our mobile app and connect to its custom digital page.


Create custom digital pages. You have the ability to add text, images, links, lists, and comments.


Scan any Outlinx label with our mobile app to retrieve its digital page. Check out what's there!

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