Figures Using Outlinx

Part sticky note. Part notebook. Part social network. Part internet of things. All ethically designed.

To get started, simply download the free mobile app and get some QR Smart Stickers.

Stick & Scan

Stick Outlinx QR labels on any object. Scan a label with our mobile app and connect to its custom digital page.


Create custom digital pages. You have the ability to add text, images, links, lists, and comments.


Scan any Outlinx label with our mobile app to retrieve its digital page. Check out what's there!

Track & take notes by yourself or with others

We have created a new way for you to organize and communicate, by giving you the ability to use objects as a medium to share notes.


Simple enough to jot down some quick ideas, or keeping a to-do list. Versatile enough to be your recipe book, photo album, private chatroom, and everything in between.


Outlinx is a powerful tool to connect and share thoughts and information. A seamless way to turn what's on your mind into a conversation with your family, friends, or team. Trade and create ideas together, anywhere, without leaving anyone out of the loop.


Seamlessly communicate with family, friends, or at work, wherever you are. Interact and organize with the objects around you in the real world, in real time. Leave comments and find content from others, engaging with the world around you.

Start connecting the physical to the digital

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