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FREE shipping on orders over $30


Finding the perfect gift for someone can be hit and miss. When someone asks you what you want for Christmas or your birthday, you may often draw a blank, with no ideas in mind. Other times, you may have a good idea of what you want. Letting people know, on the other hand, is a little awkward. When that happens, you may end up giving vague answers or telling people that you're not too fussed. Outlinx offers a simple way to create wishlists, using Smart Stickers and notes that have all the ideas you're too shy to share when people ask what you want. You can make lists to share with loved ones or you can get the family involved so that every family member gets to make a list. Whether it's small treats like favorite candy or that much-wanted Xbox, giving gets a whole lot easier with Outlinx.

No more unwanted gifts.

Most adults have a re-gifting drawer that contains unwanted gifts. Often, these are things like soaps, bubble baths, ornaments, jewelry, and other smaller items. They are usually passed on to someone else when Christmas or birthdays come along. Wouldn't it be so much better if you got things you genuinely wanted to keep and use? You may have seen an affordable mug set that you love. You may want to add to your collection of plants. You may have a love for scented candles. Add a list of things you love, then share it with friends and family. Include links to online stores, images, comments, or even suggestions on what you really DON'T want. This will avoid disappointment while making it easier for your loved ones when trying to find out what to get you as a gift.

Create wishlists quickly and easily.

Making wishlists is as easy as creating a note on the app. Add text to outline your ideas. Include images to help people find what you're looking for more easily. If someone has specifically asked what you want, you can even add links for them to purchase the gift online. Share your lists with those in your circle and update in real-time when you get new ideas. You can also enable comments so that loved ones can let you know what they think of your gift wishes.

Get the whole family involved.

You can create wishlists for all members of your family in Outlinx. Teenager looking for a specific brand of sneakers or clothing? Tween currently obsessed with Pop It toys? Younger kids longing for Paw Patrol, Pepa Pig, or Cars merchandise? Partner wanting a new fragrance, purse, whiskey, laptop, or something special? Let everyone in the family make their own list, enable sharing and commenting, and make Christmas and birthdays free of disappointment. You can also set up a separate list for parents to add in smaller gifts such as candy or stocking stuffers that can be added along with bigger gifts. 


Once you've made your wishlists, stick an Outlinx on your family planner to instantly scan and access from your phone using our app for Android and iPhone.

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