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Outlinx Smart Stickers are very useful for keeping track of race statistics, board game progress, challenges, goals, and other more technical info. From chess to racing games, you need to track your progress to beat your best. Keep a QR sticker on your chess set, intense board game, gaming console, or TV unit for instant access to all your stats. Create notes on game progress, best scores, challenges you've done and those you're keen to do, and any other info that helps you get strategic. Scan the sticker and your notes will come up in the app. You can then get down to playing armed with all the details you need to win. Here are some of the ways that Outlinx takes your games to a whole new level.

Stay on top of statistics.

Although many online and PC games keep track of stats, you have to go into the game to view them. Other games require you to keep track of statistics. With Outlinx, you can create detailed notes on your progress. Add your current stats, compare them with previous stats, include comments on how you can beat your score, add any challenges that can up your score, and add tips that help you improve your game. Thanks to rich media notes, you can add text, video, links, and anything else you need to get those stats improved. This will leave you feeling far more confident as you play, with more chance of finally hitting the next level.

Avoid board game debates.

There's nothing like a board game to get people into heated arguments. There are debates on who won last time. There are angry back-and-forth accusations of cheating. There are discussions on game rules, with each person having a different interpretation. If you're lucky, your game night won't end with someone leaving the room in a big sulk. Outlinx takes the stress out of board games. You will be able to make notes on game victories and refer back to them to resolve any disputes. You can keep game rules on hand to avoid any 'creative' moves or cheating. You can create your own custom challenges for the next game evening. A quick scan of your Outlinx placed on the game box will bring up your notes instantly. There'll be a clear record, leaving no more room for arguments. That leaves you all free to have some fun.

Keep track of game progress.

Playing a longer game with multiple challenges, levels, and steps? Outlinx can help with those, too. Notes on previous game results can be accessed when you pick up again. Pointers on bad moves can be added as a reminder of what to avoid. If you're playing role-playing games, you can create shared notes that all players can edit or comment on to add their own suggestions. You won't have to waste time remembering that Easter egg or that trap that kept killing your character off the last time you played. 


Enjoy a better gaming experience every time with Outlinx Smart Stickers and our easy-to-use app.

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