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Collecting is a highly rewarding hobby, whatever you collect. Some have a life-long for trains. Others have built an impressive Lego collection over the years. There are collectors who are all about cards and those who are die-hard Dungeons & Dragons fans. Whatever you collect, having a way to keep track of your collection is essential. You could do things the old school way, with paper lists or notepads. You could create frustrating spreadsheets that have to be manually updated. Or you could do things the smart way, using Outlinx QR stickers. Simply create a dedicated folder on the app for your collection, then add notes on inventory, instructions, technical details, and other information. Place a Smart Sticker on your display case and you'll have instant access to your notes when you scan the sticker.

Organize and manage your inventory.

No matter how long you've been collecting (or what you are collecting) it is vital to have an up-to-date list of your inventory. This is the only way to know exactly what's in your collection. Rather than a manual list, a digitized list will allow you to update in real-time. When new items are added, you can quickly add them to your list. When items are sold, you can remove them or add them to a separate note for sold items. This note could include the selling price and seller information. Looking for an item? Scan your Smart Sticker and use the search tool to bring up your inventory. Add images, text, and anything else you need to keep stock of your collection. You can also include lists of potential buyers or sellers.

Keep track of instructions.

If your collection includes instructions, it can be a nightmare to organize them physically. You would end up with a big folder full of paper, without easy ways to match instructions to kits or games. A far simpler way is to digitize your instructions. Scan instructions and add them as images. If instructions are simple, add notes in text instead. This way, you won't have to worry about losing those all-important instructions on the model kit you're about to build. You can create labels for your collection and link them for easier management. You can also use the search function to find what you're looking for quickly.

Make note of important information.

With serious collecting, there is usually a lot of information involved. Casual collectors won't worry too much about item details. Those who collect, buy, and sell items will need to keep note of important details. This could include things such as item value, make, model, age, and other information. These details are often required when selling items so that buyers know what they are getting. If you are searching for an addition to your collection, you may want to add item details to a list so that you know what to look for when heading to that trade show. 


Keep collection sorted with Outlinx notes and our Smart Stickers, which bring up everything you need to know as soon as they're scanned.

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