Life With Outlinx: School

From grade school to varsity, keeping things organized for school is not always easy. Whether you've got a child who's just starting school or you're a student trying to stay on top of your academic life, there is always a lot to plan. Planners are great to a point. The only problem with these is that it's impossible to keep track of everything with just one planner. There are loads of things to remember and organize. Class schedules and extra murals need to be carefully planned well in advance so that you're always on time. You need to have all your books or other requirements planned, too. Making endless lists quickly gets frustrating. This approach wastes time that can be spent on other things. 

Then there is the homework. Even from grade school, there's going to be homework to get done. Keeping a record of assignments and homework is essential. It's not always easy, though. When you have multiple classes and a mountain of homework, it's hard to stay on top of what you need to do. Outlinx takes the hassle out of keeping school life organized, with QR Smart Stickers that can be used for everything from schedules to homework and reading lists.

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