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From grade school to varsity, keeping things organized for school is not always easy. Whether you've got a child who's just starting school or you're a student trying to stay on top of your academic life, there is always a lot to plan. Planners are great to a point. The only problem with these is that it's impossible to keep track of everything with just one planner. There are loads of things to remember and organize. Class schedules and extra murals need to be carefully planned well in advance so that you're always on time. You need to have all your books or other requirements planned, too. Making endless lists quickly gets frustrating. This approach wastes time that can be spent on other things. 

Then there is the homework. Even from grade school, there's going to be homework to get done. Keeping a record of assignments and homework is essential. It's not always easy, though. When you have multiple classes and a mountain of homework, it's hard to stay on top of what you need to do. Outlinx takes the hassle out of keeping school life organized, with QR Smart Stickers that can be used for everything from schedules to homework and reading lists.


Gone are the days of dog-eared paper schedules. Mass emails sent by teachers and professors are also on the out, thanks to smarter digital scheduling tools. QR Smart Stickers are easily one of the most effective ways to manage school schedules. These can be placed on your laptop or even on a card inside your wallet. Create a folder for semester class schedules in the Outlinx app, or add your entire schedule to a single note. Add any comments you want to include or even a helpful map if you're new to the school and not sure where to go. When it's time to get ready for a new day of learning, simply scan your sticker and you'll bring up your schedule for your upcoming classes. Let's see how Outlinx Smart Stickers take the fuss out of managing your schedules.


Whether you're in grade school or college, preparation is everything. You could be taking higher-grade Math, Chemistry, and other research-heavy subjects. You could be more of a creative person, leaning towards Art History and English. Whatever your subjects and classes, you need to have everything ready well in advance if you want to get the most from your classes. Outlinx stickers help you keep track of what you need for every class and subject. Create notes with lists, books, requirements, reminders, and other info you need to stay prepared. Set up notifications, add comments, and organize your school life using folders for each subject, semester, or school year. Getting started is as easy as stocking up on Smart Stickers, placing them somewhere like a laptop, then downloading the app. From there, you can start making notes right away, scanning the stickers to access the notes from your phone.


Staying on top of homework is essential, no matter how small the assignment. From big projects to daily work, you can use Outlinx Smart Stickers to organize your homework more efficiently. Create folders for each class or use a single sticker to link your homework notes to your class schedules, book lists, and other notes. Features such as push notifications remind you of upcoming work, making sure you never miss a deadline. You can also use the sharing feature to share specific notes for group assignments, keeping everyone updated on your project progress. Here are some of the ways that the Outlinx app and our QR stickers help make homework easier.


Outlinx helps you create, manage, and update reading lists the smart way. Keeping these lists on paper can result in lost lists, constant crossing off and adding new items, and pages quickly getting dog-eared. Our Smart Stickers help you get your lists digitized in an easy to use app. Stick an Outlinx Smart Sticker to your laptop, create notes in the app for subjects, then use your notes to list your reading material. Use comments to link your lists to your other school notes – homework, schedules, and books. You won't have to worry about losing your lists. Instead, all you need to do is scan your sticker. You'll be able to instantly access and edit lists, leave comments and use our handy search tool to find your lists in no time. Here's how Outlinx helps you manage your reading lists efficiently, quickly, and quickly.