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Staying on top of homework is essential, no matter how small the assignment. From big projects to daily work, you can use Outlinx Smart Stickers to organize your homework more efficiently. Create folders for each class or use a single sticker to link your homework notes to your class schedules, book lists, and other notes. Features such as push notifications remind you of upcoming work, making sure you never miss a deadline. You can also use the sharing feature to share specific notes for group assignments, keeping everyone updated on your project progress. Here are some of the ways that the Outlinx app and our QR stickers help make homework easier.

Organize your assignments.

Whether you're in grade school or getting ready to graduate with a degree, homework is unavoidable. One of the biggest reasons that homework gets to be a headache is getting (and keeping) things organized. Outlinx takes care of that simply and effectively. Place one of our Smart Stickers on your laptop then scan it to pull up all of your assignment notes. You get to choose how to organize your work. Use individual folders to organize by subject, month, semester, or year. Create a dedicated homework folder to save all your notes in one place. Use our search function to quickly find notes without having to go through all your previous notes. Add images, text, reference sources, links, and anything else you need to get your homework done.

Link to other important notes.

Outlinx makes it easy to link notes and folders, using labels. This makes things even more organized. You could create a label for school, semester, or subject, and then link your homework notes using this label. Notes are updated in real-time. Busy with a complex English assignment? Create notes that link to your subject. Use a single note to save the info you need as you work through your assignment. Add comments and text as you get through each day's work, so that you can track your progress. If you need to look back on work done the day before, you'll be able to quickly find your notes using the label. This makes it a breeze to navigate, with less chance of losing progress on your previous day's work. All you'll need to do to get back to the grindstone is scan your sticker and click the label.

Collaborate on group projects.

Group assignments are often challenging. One of the things that can quickly cause chaos is team members not being updated. When each person is keep track of their own contributions without having easy access to the main project, arguments will arise over who is doing what. Outlinx takes this stress away through easy sharing of notes. Set access on who can comment and who can edit, to get control over who is adding to the group notes. Authorization features such as requests to save notes will give you even more control. Your projects will run more smoothly and there'll be no fewer in-group disputes over responsibilities. 


Get your sticker pack, download the app and see just how much it simplifies group and individual projects.

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