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Gone are the days of dog-eared paper schedules. Mass emails sent by teachers and professors are also on the out, thanks to smarter digital scheduling tools. QR Smart Stickers are easily one of the most effective ways to manage school schedules. These can be placed on your laptop or even on a card inside your wallet. Create a folder for semester class schedules in the Outlinx app, or add your entire schedule to a single note. Add any commentsyou want to include or even a helpful map if you're new to the school and not sure where to go. When it's time to get ready for a new day of learning, simply scan your sticker and you'll bring up your schedule for your upcoming classes. Let's see how Outlinx Smart Stickers take the fuss out of managing your schedules.

Show up on time.

Being late for class is never a good thing. If you're late for a reason outside of your control, that's a whole other story. But being late because you got your schedule mixed up is very different. Throughout your education, you are learning important life skills that go far beyond your educational syllabus. Of these skills, time management is one of the most essential. Once you leave school, the penalties for being late are far more serious than detention. Getting into the habit of never quite learning how to get your schedule in order makes it harder to get to work on time when you start working in an office. Show up on time with Outlinx, so that you get used to being in the right place at the right time, every single day.

Access schedules quickly.

To avoid being late, you need to have access to your schedules. Paper schedules can easily get lost. Emailed schedules can also get lost if you have a busy inbox. Spending time searching through emails to find the latest schedule for this semester is not fun. Smart Stickers keep your schedules on your phone or tablet so that you can access them instantly. Simply scan your Outlinx sticker and you'll bring up your class schedules. Use push notifications to remind you to check your schedule. Got a friend who takes the same classes? Share your schedule so that you both stay on time.

Plan extracurriculars easily.

It's not just class schedules you need to track. If you have sports after school, you'll need to stay on track with those schedules as well. You'll want to plan practice schedules. You'll want to add upcoming events, too. If you have study groups, schedules are essential. The sharing feature makes Outlinx ideal for getting everyone together after school to work on projects. Push notifications help to remind everyone in the group of upcoming sessions. You can add comments, images, and things to discuss when you meet. 


Download the app, get your Smart Stickers and see how easy it is to plan your school schedule. 

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