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Whether you're in grade school or college, preparation is everything. You could be taking higher-grade Math, Chemistry, and other research-heavy subjects. You could be more of a creative person, leaning towards Art History and English. Whatever your subjects and classes, you need to have everything ready well in advance if you want to get the most from your classes. Outlinx stickers help you keep track of what you need for every class and subject. Create notes with lists, books, requirements, reminders, and other info you need to stay prepared. Set up notifications, add comments, and organize your school life using folders for each subject, semester, or school year. Getting started is as easy as stocking up on Smart Stickers, placing them somewhere like a laptop, then downloading the app. From there, you can start making notes right away, scanning the stickers to access the notes from your phone.

Digitize your book lists.

Once you've got your semester book lists, you can add them to your Outlinx notes. Make a list of which books you'll need for each class so that you're always prepared. Add images so that you can easily find the books you need for the day ahead. You can also add online shopping links if you need new books. Has a teacher recommended books that are not officially part of the curriculum? You can make a list of these books with comments made by your teacher. If you're in a study group and reading for extra credit, share your book lists with your group and allow everyone to edit. You can all add notes on your reading progress, along with any questions you want to ask your teacher about the books you're reading.

Keep track of the tools you need.

Books aren't the only things you need for any given class. For parents helping their younger kids get prepared for the school year, it can be a nightmare to keep track of all those tools. As more schools go digital, laptops, notebooks, and tablets have replaced files and physical folders. Many schools have learning software that needs to be installed, with specific apps required. Add an Outlinx sticker to a laptop and quickly access notes on apps, after-school activity equipment, specific class requirements, or any other tools needed for class. This way, you'll always be prepared, without the worry of turning up for class without that important app your teacher recommended the class before.

Add custom notes and reminders.

Every student has things they want to remember. There may be questions you want to ask your teacher about a lesson you've just finished. You may want to make notes about an upcoming assignment – what you'll need, steps to take, goals, reading lists, or anything else. You may want to set up reminders to speak to your study group about a new resource you've found. You may be browsing new laptops and want to add a link to the product or specs and images. That's the beauty of Outlinx. Notes are completely customized to what you want to remember, giving you full control at all times.


Get your stickers, download the app and make sure you're always prepared.

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