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Outlinx helps you create, manage, and update reading lists the smart way. Keeping these lists on paper can result in lost lists, constant crossing off and adding new items, and pages quickly getting dog-eared. Our Smart Stickers help you get your lists digitized in an easy to use app. Stick an Outlinx Smart Sticker to your laptop, create notes in the app for subjects, then use your notes to list your reading material. Use comments to link your lists to your other school notes – homework, schedules, and books. You won't have to worry about losing your lists. Instead, all you need to do is scan your sticker. You'll be able to instantly access and edit lists, leave comments and use our handy search tool to find your lists in no time. Here's how Outlinx helps you manage your reading lists efficiently, quickly, and quickly.

Create reading lists easily.

First, you will create your lists using notes. The great thing about our notes is that they allow you to add more than just text. You can also add images and comments, along with links to online bookstores if you need to buy any books. Organize your book lists however you prefer. If you find it easier to list books, papers, and other reading materials by subject, you can create individual notes and keep them in a dedicated reading material folder. You can also keep all your schoolwork in one place by linking your notes with labels. Looking for a specific list? Use our search tool to find it instantly without having to look through your notes.

Add book recommendations.

In addition to your set reading list that you get at the start of the semester, there may be other book recommendations made by teachers. For that History lecture series, there may be books that add more insight into your lessons. For projects, you may come across books when researching subjects online. Keeping track of all your book recommendations is easy with Outlinx. Add a Smart Sticker to your laptop or even to your desk, so that you can quickly bring up your lists. You can also use your note pages to add references and sources or links to studies or other further reading. Looking for the History book your teacher suggested? Add an Amazon Kindle link so that you can get shopping straight from your notes.

Share reading lists with classmates.

Outlinx is a great tool for collaboration. Almost every single project has a reading list. This list will usually include books that are required as well as other reading material that will be useful. Sharing lists with classmates for your group projects will make sure that everyone has access to the lists. This will make it harder for excuses for team members to make excuses such as not knowing what reading is required for the project. Use the sharing feature, and allow access for commenting and editing. This will keep everyone in the loop, with just a quick scan of our Smart Stickers.


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