Life With Outlinx: Creativity

Outlinx is a fantastic way to unleash your creativity while staying organized. However you love expressing yourself – music, art, crochet, sewing, sculpting, pottery, jewelry design, home DIY – our app makes life easier. Add Smart Stickers on storage bins, musical instrument cases, workspaces, sewing machines, or anywhere else they can be easily scanned. Create folders for your outlets, with notes that help you keep track of supplies and tools, new ideas, sheet music, and everything else you need to do your thing. Rather than having endless paper lists, you'll have everything in one place. A quick scan of your Smart Sticker, and you'll have instant access to all of your notes. You can make your notes as detailed as you want them to be, with images, text, comments, and even sharing. Tools such as search, access control, and notifications make it even easier to keep track of things.

You can also get people talking about your work by using a smart signature. Add an Outlinx sticker to your latest work and let people scan it to get details on the work. Allow comments, and you'll get feedback and comments from fans. Share your work using Smart Stickers so that people from all over the world can scan your signature quickly and simply.

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