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Debunk the myth about creatives being disorganized with Outlinx. Our Smart Stickers and rich media notes will keep you organized, whatever your craft. Planning is key to any type of creative outlet. While free-flow is great in some cases, having everything in order makes it easy to unleash your creativity. Create note pages for your warm-up routines, sheet music, or favorite tabs. Keep your patterns and projects in order. Prepare for your upcoming painting with everything you need to get started. Add images, text, links to online stores, references, and anything else you want to include. When you're ready to get going, simply scan your Smart Sticker and your notes will be there waiting.

Organize your musical notes.

Learning a new instrument? Rehearsing for an upcoming recital? Working on a song? Outlinx stickers make things easier. You can create detailed notes with sheet music you need to learn, along with comments on your progress. You can add song lyrics as you write them so that they're somewhere safe rather than written down on a bit of paper and lost forever. You can jot down those hard-to-learn chords that you need to practice. You can link these notes to your other music notes to access things like reminders on instrument tuning or ideas you find that inspire you to make music. Rehearsing with a band or group? Share your notes and allow others to edit or comment as well.

Keep patterns and projects in one place.

For fabric artists, Outlinx is a fantastic place to keep all your patterns and projects in one, easily accessed place. Back in the old days, before the advent of digital, patterns were kept in over-stuffed files. Today, you can digitize your pattern collection. Create notes for your crochet project, including patterns and materials needed. Link these to your craft supply lists to easily access your inventory. Keep your knitting projects in order with color ideas, patterns, and needle guidelines. Make sure your sewing project goes smoothly with patterns, material recommendations, sewing needle size and type, stitch recommendations, and other essential information. Link these to your inspiration notes and your shopping lists through comments and labels.

Map out paintings and artwork easily.

While it may seem that art is all about unleashing creativity on a canvas, the reality is that it is far more technical than it looks. As an artist, you need to do a lot of planning before you get started. If you're working from reference photos, you will need to keep images that show your reference from various angles. You will also need to plan your color pallet in advance, with a list of paints, pastels, or pencils you may be using. You'll need to have your brushes ready. You can add images, text, and comments to your notes. Link to your inventory list to be sure that you've got all your materials in stock. 


Link your supplies and resources to your ideas to find inspiration. Add comments and use labels to make it even easier to prepare your artwork with the help of Outlinx.

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