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Every creative needs the right tools to make magic happen. Whether you're a painter, sculptor, knitter, fabric artist, jeweler, graffiti artist, or musician, keeping your tools organized is essential. Some creatives need a huge variety of tools and resources. Fiber artists need a variety of different crochet hooks or knitting needles, along with yarn of all colors and types. Painters need a selection of brush shapes and sizes, paints, pastels, canvases, easels, pallets, and various other tools. Then there are the musicians who need instruments and equipment, and the sculptors who need clay, potter's wheels, glaze, and other essentials. Outlinx makes it easier to keep tools and resources sorted with Smart Stickers and digital notes. Add detailed notes with images, text, links to products needed, ideas, and everything else you need to perfect your craft.

Keep your tools organized.

Rather than having paper lists that frequently get lost, why not digitize your tool inventory? Place Outlinx stickers on your storage containers for fast scanning. You can then create a digital inventory of all your tools. Keep a list of things you need to replace, such as yarn, paint, glaze, clay, beads, or other items. Set up comment notifications so that you don't forget to stock up. Create lists of tools you need for an upcoming project or tools that need to be serviced or repaired. Sewing machine due for a service? Set up a reminder so that it keeps going for many more years to come. Guitar in need of tuning? Add a comment and include a list of guitar experts who can help. This way, your tools will always be organized and ready to be used.

Create shopping lists.

Outlinx notes are also perfect for adding shopping lists. Add comments to your list of resources that often need to be replaced. Include links to online yarn stores, paint shops, and other suppliers. You'll be able to head straight to the online store from your notes. You can also add images of products you want to try out, with comments on prices or other details. Link that list to your list of tools and you'll have an inventory that's updated in real-time. You won't have to worry about running out of paint just as you're close to finishing that watercolor that's taken weeks to create. You won't have to run out of yarn when finishing off that woven wall hanging.

Find inspiration and ideas.

You can also use your Outlinx notes to find inspiration and ideas. You may come across an amazing pastel technique that you hadn't seen before. You may see a color pallet that you know will be perfect for the quilt you're planning. You may see some music pieces that you want to try. Inspiration goes hand in hand with creativity. Thanks to rich media notes that include text and images, you'll be able to save ideas as you find them, keeping them in one, easy-to-access place. 


Get your sticker pack and download Outlinx to get started. When you're ready to get working, simply scan your Smart Sticker and find your ideas in no time.

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