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Sign your work digitally using an Outlinx sticker. Every artwork has a story to tell. When people view your work, they only see the art itself rather than seeing the story behind the art. Smart signatures are a great way to encourage people to learn more about your work. They also give people the chance to comment on your work. You can use our QR stickers on every type of artwork, from paintings to sculptures, fabric art, metalwork, or even graffiti. Place a sticker in a corner of your canvas or somewhere visible but discrete. Let people know how to scan with a sign giving simple instructions. Create notes that give a background to the piece. Allow people to add comments. You'll have the chance to get your work seen and enjoyed with just a quick scan.

Add details about your work.

Whether you're showing at a gallery, your work is being sold at a boutique, or even displayed in a friend's house, most people want to know more about the art they see. The problem is, most artworks do not come with many details. At a gallery, there may be a small bit of writing. Outlinx notes allow you to create rich, interesting details about your work. You could tell a story about the work focus – what the piece is about and what it symbolizes. You could include technical details, such as materials used to create the piece. You could also include a bio, with an image and your background as an artist. Have an online store? You can add a link in the note so that people can view your other work.

Share your art with the world.

A quick scan of your Smart Sticker will allow people to learn more about your work. This gives you a chance to share your art in a way that greatly increases your visibility. Anyone with a smartphone can use QR codes with a single tap. You'll have a simple way to share your work with a huge audience instantly. Maximize your visibility even further by adding links to your social media channels so that people can follow your artistic journey. You can even include images of other similar work or works in progress to show people what you are busy working on right now.

Encourage conversation and feedback.

Thanks to our access control features such as allowing comments, you can get the conversation going when anyone scans your artwork. You'll give budding fans the chance to share their thoughts on your work. You'll get feedback that can be invaluable for future work. You'll get conversations started on the topic or theme of your work. You'll get to see how people respond to your work – what resonates with them on a deeper level. Art is subjective and everyone has their own thoughts on the work they see. This makes for very interesting discussions. As every artist knows, getting people talking is the ultimate goal. 


With Outlinx Smart Stickers, you'll easily achieve your creative goals in a simple, interactive way. Download the app for Android and iPhone to get started.

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