Life With Outlinx: Work

Outlinx is ideal for smarter workspaces. Our Smart Stickers can be used in many ways around the office. They help you and your team plan meetings, booking boardrooms and keeping agendas easily accessible. Stick an Outlinx on boardroom tables for instant access to minutes, bookings, and agendas. They take the headache out of learning to use all those essential office tools, from coffee machines to printers, scanners, copiers, switchboards, and other equipment. Add instructions on how to use, along with any other important tips and warnings, then stick an Outlinx on any equipment. Employees can quickly scan to bring up the instructions. This way, you'll always make sure your equipment works properly. You'll also make life easier for your team in the process.

Outlinx Smart Stickers are also a great way to simplify stock management. Whatever your industry may be, organized stock is vital. Our stickers can be used for retail stores, warehouses, office supplies, and various other stock. You'll be able to manage inventory easily, with rich-text notes and images, push notifications, and sharing features. This removes any margin for human error and helps you navigate your stock. Buy your Outlinx pack now and download the app to see how our Smart Stickers help you work more efficiently.

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