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Outlinx is ideal for smarter workspaces. Our Smart Stickers can be used in many ways around the office. They help you and your team plan meetings, booking boardrooms and keeping agendas easily accessible. Stick an Outlinx on boardroom tables for instant access to minutes, bookings, and agendas. They take the headache out of learning to use all those essential office tools, from coffee machines to printers, scanners, copiers, switchboards, and other equipment. Add instructions on how to use, along with any other important tips and warnings, then stick an Outlinx on any equipment. Employees can quickly scan to bring up the instructions. This way, you'll always make sure your equipment works properly. You'll also make life easier for your team in the process.

Outlinx Smart Stickers are also a great way to simplify stock management. Whatever your industry may be, organized stock is vital. Our stickers can be used for retail stores, warehouses, office supplies, and various other stock. You'll be able to manage inventory easily, with rich-text notes and images, push notifications, and sharing features. This removes any margin for human error and helps you navigate your stock. Buy your Outlinx pack now and download the app to see how our Smart Stickers help you work more efficiently.


Get all your office equipment running smoothly with our Smart Stickers. These QR stickers link to digital notes that can be used for everything from equipment instructions to maintenance troubleshooting guides. They can be used for every piece of equipment in your office, from printers to coffee machines. They make life in the office easier, increasing equipment lifespan, saving your employees time and effort, and making sure that things work the way they're meant to work. Keep reading to find out how Outlinx can be used for your office equipment. 


Whether you have a small retail outlet, larger-sized warehouse, or another type of storage facility, stock management plays an essential role in business. Every business has its own approach to stock taking. One thing is for sure, however... going digital eliminates a lot of problems, keeping things far more organized, even when you're managing stock across multiple storage facilities. Outlinx helps you streamline your stock take approach, with Smart Stickers that can be placed on clipboards for easy scanning. Say goodbye to paper trails and hello to digitized notes that contain stock information. 


Meetings are made to get things done. With that said, it's hard to plan, host, and run meetings when things are disorganized. Imagine this scenario: you've got an urgent brainstorming lined up with your marketing team for an upcoming product launch. You've found a time that suits everyone, you've got your presentation ready, and you're all set to go. You head to the boardroom, only to see that the sales team is in there for their monthly targets review. Your team goes back to their desks while you try and plan your meeting for another time. You send an email to the entire office, hoping that they'll read it and clear the boardroom in time for your meet-up. An Outlinx sticker placed on the boardroom table can make all of this so much easier. You'll be able to plan bookings more easily without confusion and unread emails. You'll be able to keep track of agendas so that you don't miss any important items. Here's how Outlinx takes the meh out of meetings.