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Get all your office equipment running smoothly with our Smart Stickers. These QR stickers link to digital notes that can be used for everything from equipment instructions to maintenance troubleshooting guides. They can be used for every piece of equipment in your office, from printers to coffee machines. They make life in the office easier, increasing equipment lifespan, saving your employees time and effort, and making sure that things work the way they're meant to work. Keep reading to find out how Outlinx can be used for your office equipment.

Take the stress out of navigating new equipment.

Office equipment is not always fun to use. While some equipment is straightforward enough, those with more advanced features can be incredibly frustrating. Adding new equipment that is hard to use will often end up in employees not using the equipment unless they have no choice. Even then, employees will waste a lot of time and effort trying to figure out which buttons to press, how to get those settings right, and how to get the machine to work. Getting out instruction manuals every single time makes things even more of a hassle, especially as these are almost always written in hard to understand language. Enter Outlinx – a super-easy way to use equipment properly. First, create notes with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Include images for each step. Then, place your Outlinx on the equipment. Employees can scan the sticker and bring up instructions straight from the app.

Keep equipment running smoothly and lasting longer.

Equipment that is used properly will last longer. If employees are constantly trying to get that new printer to work, and using the wrong settings every time, the printer will start to take some strain. Likewise, if that printer is not maintained properly, it won't work very well. Over and beyond giving clear instructions on how to use office equipment, Outlinx can help maintain equipment in other ways. You can keep a list of things such as ink and toner to make sure that these don't run out in the middle of a print job. You can keep a troubleshooting guide in case something goes wrong. Add links to help videos, add a list of repair specialists to call when help is needed, add comments, use notifications, and share with relevant teams and employees, from office managers to reception.

Make life easier for your team.

The last thing anyone wants to do is spend ages trying to figure out how to use the new coffee machine. With multiple functions, the machine is going to transform your common area into a mini-coffee shop. That's the plan, anyway. In reality, machines like these can take a little getting used to at first. You don't want to end up with employees getting sprayed with boiling water or frothed milk. You don't want that expensive machine to break after its first use. Save time and hassle for your team and allow them to avoid frustrating attempts at getting things to work. 


Stock up on Outlinx Smart Stickers, get the app, and make life a whole lot easier for everyone in the office.

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