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Meetings are made to get things done. With that said, it's hard to plan, host, and run meetings when things are disorganized. Imagine this scenario: you've got an urgent brainstorming lined up with your marketing team for an upcoming product launch. You've found a time that suits everyone, you've got your presentation ready, and you're all set to go. You head to the boardroom, only to see that the sales team is in there for their monthly targets review. Your team goes back to their desks while you try and plan your meeting for another time. You send an email to the entire office, hoping that they'll read it and clear the boardroom in time for your meet-up. An Outlinx sticker placed on the boardroom table can make all of this so much easier. You'll be able to plan bookings more easily without confusion and unread emails. You'll be able to keep track of agendas so that you don't miss any important items. Here's how Outlinx takes the meh out of meetings.

No more double-booking.

In an average-sized office, it's all too easy to double-book boardrooms. This happens for a few reasons. One team may have no idea that the boardroom is in use. Meetings could drag on longer than expected and no one else in the office knows. Getting employees together for a meeting is challenging enough. Whatever time of day, you will end up with employees either having to down tools to go to the meeting or giving up their free time over lunch. When everyone's schedules are synced and you finally find the right time to meet, the last thing you want is to find out that the boardroom has been double-booked.

Streamlined, simplified meeting planning.

Smart Stickers help the whole office plan meetings in a more streamlined way. Teams can book spaces, with reminders and push notifications sent to the entire office when employees schedule meetings. Access control allows only your team to edit notes, while sharing allows multiple teams to stay updated on anything discussed in the meet. For example, sales teams can stay updated on that marketing brainstorming session without being in the meeting. Rather than sending out back and forth emails, notes can be easily created and shared on the Outlinx app.

No more confusion and lost meeting notes.

Traditionally, it's always been one person's responsibility to take meeting notes. Usually, it's someone from your admin team. More efficient tools such as recording apps have replaced paper notes. This means that your admin staff doesn't have to sit and listen to every single idea that's thrown about, including back and forth arguments. Meeting recordings can be listened to after meetings, and then added as notes on Outlinx. Notes can be commented on and shared for everyone to access. A quick scan will bring notes up in the next update meeting, with no risk of debates about what was discussed. 


Saves headaches, make meetings more efficient, and get more productive with Outlinx Smart Stickers.

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