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FREE shipping on orders over $30


Whether you have a small retail outlet, larger-sized warehouse, or another type of storage facility, stock management plays an essential role in business. Every business has its own approach to stock taking. One thing is for sure, however... going digital eliminates a lot of problems, keeping things far more organized, even when you're managing stock across multiple storage facilities. Outlinx helps you streamline your stock take approach, with Smart Stickers that can be placed on clipboards for easy scanning. Say goodbye to paper trails and hello to digitized notes that contain stock information.

Manage stock more easily.

With a digital stock take solution, you'll be able to manage stock in real-time, with easily updated notes. Add lists, shipping updates, reminders, comments, product details, and every other bit of information needed to manage your inventory. Set up stock alerts or date reminders that relate to your stock. Add rules for sharing, editing, and commenting. Set access control to avoid unauthorized employees from accessing inventory lists. Place your stickers somewhere accessible. You can then sync stock management across different storage locations, in a simple way that takes the stress out of manual stock take. All that's needed to get started is a pack of Outlinx and our easy-to-use app that's available for iPhone and Android. 

Avoid stock discrepancies.

Stock discrepancies happen for a few reasons. The biggest reason comes down to human error. This is especially common when the stock take is done manually or through outdated tools that don't allow syncing, collaboration, or real-time updates. Accuracy is vital for any business. Those that sell physical products need to ensure the highest level of accuracy. Even the smallest error can have a major ripple effect. If inventory records are done manually, you could end up missing crucial information. Stock may be miscounted. Daily shipping statuses may not be updated properly. Stock may end up getting sent to the wrong warehouse or left behind when deliveries are done. You may end up causing delays in shipping. Customers may end up receiving products they haven't ordered. Customers may not receive orders at all. When you're shipping larger orders, this can greatly affect your bottom line. Avoid discrepancies and make sure that your customers never pay the price for poor stock management with the help of Smart Stickers that streamline the process.

Keep everyone on the same page.

The manual stock take approach is slowly dying. This is good news – particularly as it means less chance of poor communication. When people are on the same page, it is far easier to follow daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. There is less risk of human error. Smart Stickers keep everyone up to date, thanks to real-time notes and updates. Features such as push notifications ensure that important reminders, comments, and notes are clearly communicated to relevant teams. Access control and folder sharing mean that your entire warehouse team can easily access crucial stock information. Sales teams, office management, accounting, and other teams can also stay on track with the help of Smart Stickers. 


Stock up on Smart Stickers, get the app and take control over your stock now.

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