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Get your home organized, plan out meals, keep your life on track and spend more time doing the things you love. Outlinx offers a simple, smart way to stay organized. Create digital notes and link them to physical objects with our QR Smart Stickers. These can be added to anything and everything – coffee machines, fridges, family chore lists, cars and many other physical objects. Use our free app and create custom pages, complete with images and texts. 

Outlinx for Home is all about staying on top of things when you're at home. Our Smart Stickers will make it easier to plan, get inspiration and save yourself a lot of time. Stick one onto your fridge for quick and easy meal planning that doesn't involve endless lists and lost recipes. Try the latest makeup looks and streamline your beauty routine to save time and hassle and avoid running out of your favorite products. Save yourself the hassle out of chores around the home with a smart list that tells you what needs cleaning, what needs to be replaced, and whose turn it is to do the dishes. You can even use Outlinx to keep your vehicle running smoothly, keeping track of service, fuel, parts or even destinations you're keen to explore.


Wouldn't it be great to have a smart kitchen that makes pantry stocking, cooking, and meal preparation simpler and so much more rewarding? With Outlinx Smart Stickers, you'll be able to keep track of what's in your pantry and fridge. You'll be able to find, save and access recipes quickly and easily. Meal prep will get much easier, too, without wasted time planning out your meals for the week ahead. Keep reading to see just a couple of the ways that our Smart Stickers transform your kitchen into an efficient space.


Whether you prefer to stick to your classic beauty routine or you're all about changing up your looks, Outlinx makes it easier to keep looking good and feeling even better. As anyone with a cluttered cosmetic bag or drawer knows, there's a product for pretty much everything. You've got your foundations, concealers, BB creams, CC creams, highlighters, bronzers, brushes, sponges, eye palettes, mascaras, liners, brow kits, lipsticks, and lip glosses.  Then you've got your mani-pedi stuff that includes everything from nail polish to cuticle creams. Even if your beauty products are mostly organized, you want an easy, fast way to try that strobing technique without having to scroll through Instagram or Pinterest. This is where Outlinx comes to the rescue... 


Home chore management doesn't have to be a headache thanks to Outlinx. Smart Stickers are easy to use. Stickers can be placed on physical items and then scanned using their QR code. This brings up your home-related folders and notes, straight to your phone. The great thing about Outlinx is its versatility and its ability to simplify all areas of your life. In the case of home management, there are always many things to keep track of – especially when you have kids. Housework, chores, school and sports schedules, cleaning products... the lists can easily take up an entire wall planner. Smart Stickers make it easier to keep your home running smoothly, without the need for endless handwritten notes, whiteboards, and constant battles over whose turn it is to load up the dishwasher. Here are just a few things you can simplify around the home with Outlinx.


With Outlinx, you can leave that dusty vehicle manual in the boot and stay on track of car maintenance the smart, simple way. Our Smart Stickers make it easier to never miss a routine vehicle service. They also help you keep track of parts and fuel, straight from your phone. Simply stick an Outlinx sticker on your dashboard or the inside of your door, and then scan the sticker to instantly access your car maintenance folder on the app. Here, you can read your notes, add images or comments on parts that need to be looked at during your next service, add push notifications to remind you it's time to top up before fuel prices increase, and track your routes to find faster ways to get to your destination.