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With Outlinx, you can leave that dusty vehicle manual in the boot and stay on track of car maintenance the smart, simple way. Our Smart Stickers make it easier to never miss a routine vehicle service. They also help you keep track of parts and fuel, straight from your phone. Simply stick an Outlinx sticker on your dashboard or the inside of your door, and then scan the sticker to instantly access your car maintenance folder on the app. Here, you can read your notes, add images or comments on parts that need to be looked at during your next service, add push notifications to remind you it's time to top up before fuel prices increase, and track your routes to find faster ways to get to your destination.

Stay on track with routine servicing.

Servicing schedules are there for a purpose – to ensure that everything is working as it should. This is usually done annually unless you have a problem with your car. If you don't stick to routine servicing and inspections, you may end up dealing with issues. If you have things you mean to ask your auto specialist, forgetting may not be ideal, either. Add notes on Outlinx to make sure you don't miss your check-ups. Add comments on things you want to bring up or parts that need to be looked at just in case. This will save you a lot of time and money in the long run, avoiding small problems from turning into bigger, expensive problems.

Keep maintenance guides on hand.

Car sounding funny but you're not sure why? It can be incredibly useful to have maintenance guides ready and waiting on your phone. You may find that you don't have to take your car in as the issue is not too bad. Or you may find that something is wrong and you can take your car in with all the information needed for a proper repair. All those maintenance tasks get easier with Outlinx, too. You can have a list of car parts, along with other things like tips on saving fuel or improving your car sound system. All your vehicle needs can be available at the tap of a screen once you scan your Outlinx sticker.

Plan trips the smart way.

Outlinx can be a great way to plan trips and save mileage. If you're finding that your drive to work or school is taking longer, you can look up shorter alternatives then save them as a note. Add images and comments that help you plan your trips more easily. You can also plan longer drives if you're heading out on holiday or driving from one destination to another. Map out routes, add notes that may apply to your travels, get ideas on where to go if you're keen on an adventure, add comments on motels along the way, add a list of travel essentials, and make your trips easier.

Use folders to make it even easier to stay on top of car maintenance, so that you only need one Outlinx sticker to manage all of your vehicle notes.

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