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Home chore management doesn't have to be a headache thanks to Outlinx. Smart Stickers are easy to use. Stickers can be placed on physical items and then scanned using their QR code. This brings up your home-related folders and notes, straight to your phone. The great thing about Outlinx is its versatility and its ability to simplify all areas of your life. In the case of home management, there are always many things to keep track of – especially when you have kids. Housework, chores, school and sports schedules, cleaning products... the lists can easily take up an entire wall planner. Smart Stickers make it easier to keep your home running smoothly, without the need for endless handwritten notes, whiteboards, and constant battles over whose turn it is to load up the dishwasher. Here are just a few things you can simplify around the home with Outlinx.

Plan out schedules easily.

Every parent knows that schedules are essential to avoid missing out on games, outings, play dates, lunch money, extra murals, and everything else going on in your child's life. On the weekend and over holidays, there are also things like birthday parties, festive celebrations, and other events to remember. Then there's your own life to manage. Meetings, appointments, reminders, and all the other things your busy schedule includes. Keeping track of everything can be exhausting. Physical lists only get you so far. With our Smart Stickers, you can plan out family schedules, not only adding dates and details but also notes and other info you may need. Child going to a party? Add a comment or image to your reminder with ideas on what to get the birthday boy or girl. Keep the whole household on track by sharing notes with your partner and kids.

Simplify chore allocation.

Almost every house has a chore list. These play a vital role in helping kids learn how to do their bit and be accountable. That doesn't mean the list is followed. Outlinx helps you get smart about chore allocation by adding push notifications to chores. Make notes with comments, include incentives in the form of images, and send notifications that cannot be easily ignored. As chore notes are shared, you'll be able to see exactly what has been done. You can update or edit chores to make sure that all those household tasks are done.

Keep stock of household supplies.

You can also place stickers in bathroom or kitchen storage cupboards to keep stock of cleaning supplies and other household essentials. If you're running low on detergent, toilet paper, laundry soap, or other essentials, you'll have quick access to your household shopping list. This will fast-track your weekly shopping and make sure you're not left in the lurch when things run out. Experience the magic of QR codes with an intuitive, easy to use app that is made to make life easier. Get your Outlinx pack now to see how these stickers can take the stress out of home chore management.

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