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Physical Links to the Digital World

Use Outlinx to create digital note pages and link them to physical objects using QR Smart Stickers. Place an Outlinx QR Smart Sticker anywhere you want to add a digital note or reminder for the future - whether in your kitchenon your desk, or on your storage bins. Simply point the camera of your smartphone at an Outlinx QR code and scan it, then a page will open where you can easily enter your relevant reminders and notes.

Next time you put away your storage bin try placing an Outlinx sticker on it. With one quick scan you can throw together a list, or add pictures, to remember what you put inside of it.

Most note taking apps require you to scroll through your list of notes, or search your notes using keywords, in order to find the one you’re looking for. Outlinx provides a different method for finding your note pages. Simply point your smartphone camera at an Outlinx QR sticker and the app will open up the note page that it’s linked to.

A Unique QR Code on Each Sticker

Every single Outlinx sticker contains a unique QR Code. QR (or quick read) codes are those square crossword puzzle looking patterns that you’ve probably seen around.  You don’t need to decipher these codes yourself, because your smartphone camera can do it for you! Just point your camera at an Outlinx sticker, and your phone will open up the page that it’s linked to.

You also have some options in how you choose to use the stickers. You can link each sticker to its own note page or link multiple stickers to a single page. Are you an AirBnB host and need to share instructions for appliances around the place? Seamlessly communicate information to your guests by using stickers throughout the rental - like how to use the laundry machine or coffee maker. And if you change your mind you can unlink a sticker from a page any time.

Speaking of choices, we also offer a variety of sticker designs to choose from.  No matter which design you choose, whether the classic Original, sleek Blackout, cool tones of the Space Beetle, or bright Sunrise Nebula, the QR Smart Stickers all work the same way.

Using Outlinx QR Stickers

Get started with a few simple steps.  Buy a pack of Outlinx QR Smart Stickers, download the free Outlinx mobile app from The App Store or Google Play Store, and create an account.

Setting up an account is quick and lets you create, format, and control your note pages.  With the app, you can also store note pages and organize them with customized folders. Setting up an account is free and doesn’t require a subscription.

Once your Outlinx stickers arrive, open up a pack and place a sticker on something, then start adding your notes!

Want the perfect morning brew?  Put a sticker on your coffee maker and add instructions and pictures to your note page. Scan your sticker to remember how to brew your coffee just right every time.

When you see an Outlinx sticker on an object it acts as a friendly visual cue that says “scan me!”.