Outlinx Blackout QR Smart Stickers, Bundle of 4 Packs, 32 stickers
Outlinx Blackout QR Smart Stickers, Bundle of 4 Packs, 32 stickers
Outlinx Blackout QR Smart Stickers, Bundle of 4 Packs, 32 stickers
outlinx blackout qr smart sticker on storage container
outlinx mobile app blackout qr smart sticker
outlinx blackout qr smart label on laundry machine
outlinx blackout qr smart label on blue drawers

Outlinx Blackout QR Smart Stickers, Bundle of 4 Packs, 32 stickers

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Link Digital Note Pages to Physical Objects with Outlinx QR Smart Stickers
- stick digital notes to your things
- share notes with others
- update anytime anywhere
- quickly scan & find your notes
- premium mobile app experience

- bundle includes 4x 'Blackout' label books
- includes 16 large stickers (44x39 mm)
- includes 16 small stickers (25x22 mm)
- every Outlinx sticker contains a unique QR code



Link digital notes directly to physical objects. Turn your objects into the pages of a digital notebook. Waste less time searching your home office for that notebook, or scrolling through that list of notes on your phone.

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Share information with others. Our decorative QR Smart Stickers offer a visual cue that says “Scan Me - I have useful information for you”.

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Get the free app on both iOS & Android to create your own custom Outlinx pages, and interact with others’ pages. You can add text, images, comments, and more!

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Viewing an Outlinx page is as simple as taking a picture. Anyone can view an Outlinx page they don’t even need the app.

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You choose who gets to save the pages you create, or when to receive notifications of new activity.

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Supercharge Your

See how you can use Outlinx

Organize Your Storage Bins

Put an Outlinx sticker on your storage bins, and use it to quickly & easily remember what you put inside them

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Keep Your Coffee Recipes

Stick an Outlinx sticker on your coffee making supplies, and use it to remember exactly how to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

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Tell Guests How To Use Your Appliances

Use Outlinx to share important usage instructions for appliances in your home or office. A great solution for hosts of vacation rentals.

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Get Creative!

Get creative and put an Outlinx sticker on your favorite gear. Put one on your snowboard and use it to remember the amazing times you had with friends and family!

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Cody K.
United States

Great product

I found Outlinx while looking for a solution to keep track of lots of moving items. The app works great automatically saving note edits. Outstanding Customer service.

Randy R.
United States United States

User interface is poor, little instructions at site, expensive

I love the idea and had used another brand from Duck before and those lost all the photos so I searched for something better. I researched and looked for what I thought was the best overall choice as I needed some that I could share with another person that lived in another state and we have some stuff stored in each state that we commonly own. I misread the amount that one gets with these Outlinx labels so they are expensive. There is quite a learning curve. Absolutely no instructions come with the labels. The app you download to use is little help and the user interface is poor. When you go to the site for help and look under the FAQ area, instructions are few and not well explained either. They are written by the developer and the developer explains things from a viewpoint of already knowing how to use it as opposed to someone brand new to the app. You can share your user name and password and thereby share with another user or other users. You can also login at the website and manage and look at your items from there too. These are pluses, but this is an average app at best. A large pack gets you 32 labels total, 16 large and 16 small labels. I don't know really what you would ever need to label that would require the small labels, but I suppose the developer had something in mind. If the developer ever stops supporting/maintaining the website, one is just out of luck I suppose. I am still confused as to whether my phone holds the data as well or if it only reads it from the website. Supposedly, you have your own webpage(s) at the Dev's website. It just takes a lot of getting used to on learning this one. I am tech savvy in most instances and an intelligent person, but would prefer more of a step by step instructional to be available.