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Everything You Need To Know About QR Codes

Wondering how QR codes work? This technology has been a game-changer for businesses of all types. It has also made life easier for consumers. Outlinx QR Smart Stickers use this technology to allow you to quickly scan and access your digital note pages. From there, you can edit your notes as needed. You can also create new pages for storage, organization, hobbies, or even entertainment.

Understanding how these codes work is important – especially when it comes to understanding security. Many people are a little unsure of using QR stickers as they are concerned about the safety aspect. In this guide, we answer some commonly asked questions to give you all the information you need on QR codes.

What to Know About QR Codes

QR codes are a bit like bar codes used at stores. Each code features black squares and spots, each representing specific pieces of data. When they are scanned by a mobile phone, the unique pattern becomes data that can be read by humans. This process happens almost instantly.

What are they?

The first QR system was developed way back in 1994 by Denso Wave – a Toyota subsidiary in Japan. The codes were originally used to accurately track vehicles and car parts at various stages of the manufacturing process. Specialized bar codes were created to code various characters, including kanji, kana, and alphanumeric characters. As regular bar codes can only be read from top to bottom, they can only contain a limited amount of data. QR smart codes, on the other hand, are read in two directions, from top to bottom, and right to left. This means that a much higher volume of information can be stored on each code.

How do they work?

While some codes are static – containing fixed information that cannot be edited after creation – many others are dynamic. These codes contain information that can be easily edited. To access data on the code, smartphone apps or dedicated QR readers are used to scan the code. This process scans the three large squares placed on the outside of the main code. Once these squares have been identified, the QR reader registers the pattern as a code. It can then analyze the code, breaking it down into a grid, analyzing individual squares, and giving each square a value depending on whether the shape is black or white. At this point, the patterns are turned into information that can be read by humans.

Where are they used?

These codes are extremely versatile. They are used in various industries, from manufacturing to marketing. As they allow people to instantly access information straight to their phones, these codes make life simpler. Outlinx smart stickers use this technology to help you stay organized in every area of your life.

Are they safe?

The codes themselves can't be hacked. Instead, the risks typically come from the destination of the codes. Scanning codes from unknown senders can be just as dangerous as opening an attachment from an unknown email sender. Malware can be embedded in the destination URLs or even into the code itself, sending users to phishing sites. Always make sure that you only scan QR codes from trusted sources.

What about Outlinx?

Outlinx QR smart codes are safer than random codes because Outlinx QR stickers can't be set up to automatically download malware to your device when they are scanned. Instead, they always go to the Outlinx page first. There is no risk of ending up on a phishing site or downloading malware without your knowledge.

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