Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the QR codes repeat? If I buy multiple packs will all stickers have different codes?
The QR codes do not repeat. Every single Outlinx sticker contains a unique code. Even if you buy multiple packs of different styles each sticker will be unique.

Are the notes you create searchable? Can you search the notes you’ve entered to find something you’re looking for?
You can search your notes and the content of your notes. The search function can be found at the top of the Folders screen. Additionally, when you’re on a note page you can use the scanner to find the sticker linked to that page.

Is there a way to use create or update my Outlinx using a desktop app? I don’t like typing on my phone.
Currently no. I do want to make a web app that can be used on desktop computers, but it’s not available yet. The best you can do now is download Outlinx on a tablet and use an external keyboard to enter notes.

Can you make the notes private? What if I have some stickers that I don’t want other people to be able to scan and read the contents.
No. Anybody who scans an Outlinx sticker can view the page that’s linked to it. However, the only way to access an Outlinx page for the first time is to scan the sticker. Other users do need to be near the sticker in order to scan it. Owners of a page do have some control over who can edit or save the page.

Can other people see the notes I create?
Yes, but only if they first scan the sticker linked to the note page.

Is there a way to not have the notes posted?
There is no “newsfeed” or anything like that for other users to see your note pages. Notes are not posted in that sense.

What kind of content can I add to a note page?
You can add text, images, post comments, and add URL links. The app doesn’t support video yet. You can actually download the app for free to test it out without buying any stickers.

Can the info be updated?
Yes, once you create a note page you can update it anytime anywhere. You just need an internet connection. You also don’t need to scan the sticker each time you want to update it.

Can’t I just generate a QR code for free, print it out, and link it to an online note page or website?
Yes you can, and if you have the skills to do this then you may not need Outlinx. Outlinx makes it easy to create digital note pages and link them to QR codes. We built a platform so anybody can do it quickly and easily. You don’t need any technical skills. There are also a handful of features that make the Outlinx app a little more powerful like notifications, save requests, and comments.

What’s the difference between the sticker styles?
Just in the styling. Every style works exactly the same way.

How durable are the stickers? Can they be used on outdoor items?
They’re quite durable, but like any other sticker they can degrade depending on the environment they’re subjected to. I’ve put some outside and had no issues. I’ve also put some on my water bottles, which are washed multiple times a week, and the stickers still look and work fine. If you have any questions you can email me at

Are the stickers reusable?
Somewhat. The stickers are pretty high quality, but you can’t stick them to things and remove them many times. The stickers will start to degrade and the adhesive will wear out. But if you’re careful you can probably reapply a sticker a couple times and it should be fine.

How many stickers come in each pack?
Different packs come with different quantities. Please check the product detail page. Sticker quantity is also listed on the front of the sticker booklets.

Do I need to create an account to use Outlinx?
If all you want to do is view Outlinx pages then you don’t need an account. If you want to create pages, update pages, post comments, or do things like that then you do need to create an account.

Does your app have GPS tracking?
Nope, we don’t track GPS.

Where do I get the Outlinx app?
The Outlinx app is totally free. It’s available for iPhone and Android phones. You can download it on The App Store and on the Google Play Store.
The App Store ->
Google Play Store ->

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