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Yes you can, and if you have the skills to do this then you may not need Outlinx. Outlinx makes it easy to create digital note pages and link them to QR codes. We built a platform so anybody can do it quickly and easily. You don’t need any technical skills. There are also a handful of features that make the Outlinx app a little more powerful than simply linking to a website like notifications, save requests, and comments.

The QR codes do not repeat. Every single Outlinx sticker contains a unique code. Even if you buy multiple packs of different styles each sticker will be unique.

You can search your notes and the content of your notes. The search function can be found at the top of the Folders screen. Additionally, when you’re on a note page you can use the scanner to find the sticker linked to that page.

Anybody who scans an Outlinx sticker can view the page that’s linked to it. However, the only way to access an Outlinx page for the first time is to scan the sticker. Other users do need to be near the sticker in order to scan it. Owners of a page do have some control over who can edit or save the page.

They’re quite durable, but like any other sticker they can degrade depending on the environment they’re subjected to. I’ve put some outside and had no issues. I’ve also put some on my water bottles, which are washed multiple times a week, and the stickers still look and work fine. If you have any questions you can email me at

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