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Outlinx - Connecting Digital to Reality

Have you ever wanted to connect digital to reality? You want to save a thought or take a mental screenshot of something you’ve come across, but you know that trying to find it again later is going to be a hassle. Life today moves at a fast pace and being able to have everything easily accessible and all in one place would be ideal.

Outlinx allows you to digitally store thoughts, instructions, comments and everything else on an object, allowing you to quickly retrieve the data at a later point with your mobile phone. You can place a decorative QR sticker on any object, and then use the Outlinx app on mobile to save and retrieve that information. You can do it for passwords, comments, Wi-Fi codes, recipes, gym workouts, anything you could possibly imagine. Think of these QR codes as digital notebooks, that are connect to the world around you.

Five Reasons to Use Outlinx

1 – It’s Simple, Easy and Effective

With Outlinx, all you need is your mobile phone and the smart stickers. You’ll put the sticker down and use QR technology to scan it, and the page will pop up. It’s as simple as that. Think of it almost like a sticky notes app for iOS. Each sticker can be previewed directly from the scan screen too, so you should know what the stick is all about before you even start connecting with it!

2 – You Can Connect Digital Information to Physical Objects

You won’t ever need to keep notes again. Forget scrambling around to look for a pen or being frozen in that moment when you don’t know which app you can write something down on your phone. You can turn real world objects into the pages of a notebook. If you’re planning to move to a new house and want to mark your storage boxes, one little stick can reveal everything you’ve written down that’s listed in the box. It’s the best box label for moving and organization! If you rent out your house to people, leave an Outlinx sticker on your washing machine to give them tips on how it works.

3 – Know What to Look for And Where to Look

Before you’re able to use Outlinx effectively, you’ll first need to set up the Outlinx page. Once you’ve done that, all the information is at your fingertips. No need to sift through emails or sort through notepads, you just have to scan it and everything you’ve ever jotted down for that sticker will be right there.

We want to help people to become more productive and spend less time searching for information.

4 – Sharing Information

It’s almost like a sharing tasks app or a digital bulletin board app. The stickers will act like a visual cue for people to suggest that there is some digital info for you to check out. You can share any kind of information with other people, post notes, send messages, and everything else in between,

5 – Free Your Mind

Store digital notes wherever you are and allow yourself to have some peace of mind. Don’t feel like you need to struggle to remember things or make an effort to jot something down in case you forget. Popping the digital note on a physical object is easy, and it’ll keep you sane when there’s a potential information overload.

Outlinx Can Supercharge Your Life

With Outlinx, people are given a new way to connect. The end goal is to create a world where people can easily be organized and be able to communicate more easily by connecting digital notes to physical objects in the world. We have a mobile app that uses decorative QR-smart stickers to provide users with the ability to connect these digital notes to objects.

The idea behind it, is so that you’ll be able to scan a stick to create notes for some type of reference, and the use Outlinx to share that information with others. Think of it like digital post-it notes, without being limited by space and surroundings. We feel that Outlinx has the potential to be the best productivity app on the market and as soon as people start linking, they’ll see the true value in the product.

All you need to do is get the free Outlinx app on the iOS store and then start by buying a pack of stickers. Stickers currently come in three different types, the original, Blackout and Astro Head. $8.50 gets you two large stickers (72x62mm) and four small stickers (37x31mm). Each label is completely unique with its own QR code and works with the free app. Currently Outlinx is only available on iOS but the Android version is expected to release in the next few months.


Outlinx is simple enough to have quick ideas put down in a digital world. You can use it as a reference guide to something, an introduction to using an appliance, guiding someone to the next steps of a recipe or just help to keep yourself organized. Pack away some of your old goodies that you haven’t used in a while and put down a sticker. You’ll never have to open that box and go through it to find something because you know exactly what’s in there.

Don’t think that stickers are permanent either! With each pack, every single sticker is completely re-usable as long as you’re the owner of the page. It means that you’ll be able to use them temporarily, or for more permanent usage. Once a page is up, it can be controlled and edited too!


It’s a powerful tool where you can share and connect. Any of your thoughts can be passed around to friends and family and information can be shared, commented on and chatted about. You can come up with new ideas, swap ideas with people you know and have the freedom to do it from anywhere.

Not only can you share and connect, but you’re able to link entire folders to a label. You can drag and drop items and share anything you’d like whenever someone takes a look at your sticker.


With each sticker comes a communication pathway. If you scan a sticker, you can leave a comment for the next person, or just have a conversation about it. Think the milk is about to go off and need to head out of the house? Leave your housemate a note, make sure they check and chat about it through the app instead of whenever you next get the chance.

You can also monitor the metrics of the Outlinx pages that you’ve created. If you happen to put one in a more public space that has a few different users, you can see how well it’s working and change any of the info you’d like.

Use Case Examples

If you happen to visit a hotel or AirBnB, you can give your visitors the chance to read all the house rules, work out how the air-conditioning works, or even have a nice warm welcome set up for them. You can even leave your Wi-Fi password ready for the guest to add and start browsing the web.

Imagine being able to go on holiday to some of the latest tourist hotspots and getting to a museum and seeing Outlinx next to exhibits. You’d be able to read up based on what the museum exhibit says and you could also be given different kinds of links for further or related reading too.

In airports, you could have directions, handy tips, traveler notes, message boards and so much more! The possibilities are endless!