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"When scanned with a smartphone, each sticker—which can be applied to an object of your choosing—pulls up a unique virtual notepad on an app that users can access or edit."
The Best Inventions of 2020 - 100 Innovations Changing How We Live
TIME - November 19, 2020
""Excuse my flair for dramatics, but smart stickers are about to change your life.""
38 Products So Genius, Their Under $10 Price Is Just A Perk
Buzzfeed - August 28, 2020
"Winning gift ideas for each member of the family to help you deck the halls and check those names off your shopping list."
Contest Corner's 2019 Holiday Gift Guide
Contest Corner - November 05, 2019
"These stickers can be used during the moving process by placing QR stickers on boxes and connecting a picture of the contents... When you are unpacking all you need to do is scan the sticker to see what is in the box so that you know where all of it needs to be put."
3 Ways Technology Can Make Moving Easier
Best Company - July 25, 2019
"The stickers are pretty cheap and offer 3 cool styles that all work the same way. "
Top 10 Gift Ideas Your Teen Son Will Love
Fupping - July 24, 2019
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